Temple of Athena, Priene, Turkey
Sunset, Canakkale, Turkey
Bella identifying column drum construction, Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Landscape fresco, from Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece
Bay view, Rhodes, Greece
Bay view, Rhodes, Greece (Close-up)
Riley at the Erechtheion, Athens Acropolis, Greece
Samos bay view from Samos hotel, Greece
Temple of Apollo, Rhodes, Greece
Trojan horse, Troy, Turkey
Bella at Theatre of Dionysos, Athens, Greece
Female statue with bowl, Istanbul, Turkey
Uppsala, Sweden river view
Botanical garden lily pond, Uppsala, Sweden
Turkish coffee cup
Bella on the Scottish highlands
Scottish river rowboat with flowers
Linda Scheffer and Meg Gerken at Temple of Athena, Priene, Turkey
Bella at Choral sculpture fountain, Rattvik, Sweden
Bridge of locks, Paris, France
Bella and Bay view from St. Nicholas island, Turkey
Bella and Katie Cox at ancient gaming board, Antalya Museum, Turkey
Delphi, view of Pleistos valley and Gulf of Corinth
Lycian rock tombs, Dalyan, Turkey
Bella on bridge, Stockholm, Sweden
Bougainvillea and view at Phaistos, Crete
Temple of Apollo and Acrocorinth, Corinth, Greece
Bath, England river view
Bella dancing with Matisse
Umbrella street Antalya, Turkey

ARIELA, LLC provides lively, dynamic educational services for students of any age who wish to expand their learning about the ancient world in diverse, exciting and stimulating ways. ARIELA president, Professor Emerita of Classics, Dr. Bella Vivante, conducts Study Travels, especially to Greece and Turkey, which can be tailored to individual interests, arranges Performance of ancient Greek or modern poetry and drama, alone or together with other theatre professionals, and acts as Educational Consultant, teaching courses, giving lectures or workshops, tutoring individuals and providing general consultation. To each of these endeavors, Bella brings her travel, theatrical and academic expertise, her love of her subject, and her delight in sharing that expertise in these various ways.

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Study Travel

ARIELA, LLC can arrange customized Study Tours to different locales that provide general historic, artistic, archaeological and literary backgrounds as well as focus on particular themes. Most trips run from 14 to 21 days. Designed to provide enjoyable educational experiences, all trips center around site and museum visits… »Read more



ARIELA, LLC can arrange for lively, dynamic Performances of ancient Greek or modern poetry and drama, performed by Company President, Bella Vivante, alone or in conjunction with others. These Performances can be for small or large groups, in salon or theatre settings… »Read more

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Teaching & Consultancy

ARIELA, LLC can arrange for its President, Dr. Bella Vivante, to provide Educational Services by teaching courses, giving lectures or workshops, individual tutoring, and the like. These can be for various age levels, from third grade through college and adult continuing learners… »Read more